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What is Reiki?

The word Reiki means the universal life force
It is the energy which helps to activate our own healing systems and to vitalize and balance
It is basically called as hands on healing technique
This energy is there everywhere and available to anyone who has attuned to access it
It can help in just any area of your life you want to.


What it is not?

It is not magic
It is spiritual, but not religious
It is not a replacement for medical treatment
It is not a cure, it helps to cure

Benefits of Reiki

  • It helps to release stress and make you relax.
  • It helps to cleanse your body to remove accumulated toxins in your body
  • It helps to amplify your energy when you feel short of it
  • It helps to improve your creativity and even built up your self confidence
  • It helps to remove your physical and emotional pains
  • It can help to reduce the side effects of the drugs, medicines or the problems during and after operation
  • It helps you when you are angry or feared, to be away from it.
  • It helps in problems with sleep or migrane, it will help you having a nice relaxing sleep
  • Struggling with your obesity, Reiki can be of help to reduce weight
  • Reiki can help make you energetic and get rid of tiredness
  • It can be combined with any form of treatment to give faster and better results
  • Increase your positive vibrations and develop positivity around yourself with Reiki

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